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Connect With Your Small Group

Time to complete:
10 mins

Check out the Work-readiness Channel

Why small groups?

Creating connections is at the heart of the Prowess mission.   The feedback surveys from this course show us that the small group sessions are in the top five of your favorite features.  And the good news is, these small group friendships continue even after certification is completed.

Weekly Focus:

To stay on track we recommend complete the modules for these topics

  • Week one – Modules: Get Started & Welcome to Goal setting
  • Week two – Modules: Project Management & Remote work
  • Week three – Modules: Communication Skills
  • Week four – Modules: Resumes, & LinkedIn, Technology Reboot, Final Project.

Note - These topics are guidelines. Small group topics may shift to meet the needs of the group.

How you'll chat with your small group: 

As part of enrollment in this course, you are part of the online Prowess Community and have access to the "Prowess Certification Channel" and you can check on chats in the "Work-readiness" space.

Next steps: 

1. Pressing the accordion icon on the upper left of the Community widget below. This will display all channels in the Prowess Community on the lefthand side bar.

2. Locate the Certification channel. Inside you will find exclusive content and a link to the Work-readiness course channel.

3. Check out the Welcome post asking you to introduce yourself.

Click here to connect to the small group channel in the Prowess Community: