A Private Career Coaching Program, Networking & Mentorship to turn your career goals into reality

12 Months of Coaching with Ashley Connell & the Prowess Team 

(A $20,000 Value) 
Spending 12 months with Ashley and the Prowess team will help you conquer your career goals and tackle any obstacles AFTER you get hired or start your business.  We know that when you get the job, is when the work STARTS.  Our program provides the support to ensure you’re smooth sailing well-after the transition, ramp and when you’re ready for the next level. 

Bi-Monthly Accountability Group Calls

(A $6,000 Value) 
Every other week, you’ll meet LIVE with your Accountability Group led by Erin. You’ll dive deep into the highs & lows right alongside women who are in it with you.

18 Masterclasses

(A $18,000 Value) 
The Prowess team sets you up from mindset to motivation to MONEY in the bank. We’ve broken down the topics into bite-size chunks designed specifically for returners or pivoters addressing your concerns, questions and challenges so you’re ready to get back to work. 

Mindset to Motivate 

(A $6,000 Value) 
Once a month, Leah will guide you through the “woo woo” paired with the WORK to get it done. Leah’s ability to tie together goal-setting to actionable tips, tools and tutorials will leave you feeling empowered, intentional and educated.

Real-Talk for Real-Results

(A $6,000 Value) 
Once a month, Ashley shares real-life topics on being a woman in the workforce. Not only will you get industry stats, strategies to combat bias, and blank, she’ll bring in experts who have built teams, books of business and companies all so you get the real-story - unapologetic & unfiltered.
BONUS #1 - Accountability Widget 

(A $2,500 Value)

Staying consistent is the hardest part of making progress. Our Accountability widget breaks down your plan and sends personalized reminders so you’re hired in no time.  
BONUS #2 - Business Starter Kit

(A $3,000 Value)

Perfect for budding freelancers or entrepreneurs. We’re bundling the best templates, tools and guides that helped us take FIVE businesses to market. 
BONUS #3 - LinkedIn Audit

(A $2,500 Value)

Get quick, actionable feedback on your LinkedIn page pinpointing changes that you can make immediately that will help employers or prospects dying to work with you.
The Pursuit Post


The members-only Facebook group where all current and past members of The Pursuit can cut-up, network, ask each other questions, and of course, share all their success-stories. Here you’ll have access to Erin, Leah & Ashley who will be answering questions and chiming in throughout the week.
Career Center


This special list of templates, tools, and resources that will give you the step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank, copy-and-paste shortcuts to getting from home to hired -- And beyond. 
12- monthly payments