Communication Quiz

Time to complete:
5 mins

Assignment: Communication Quiz

Based on what you learned in the videos (EQ and Listening Skills) and your past experience, complete this assignment by filling out the quiz below.

Workplace Scenario

You are brought into a team meeting of 5 people who are responsible for a project launch. The stakeholder cannot be at this meeting so they have asked you to help guide the conversation regarding being on time for the launch event.

The stakeholder did not share any background information on team dynamics other than “Sometimes these meetings get off track.” The stakeholder asked you to provide any suggestions on how to improve the discussions and keep them focused.

In the meeting, the team tends to discuss the challenges of tasks rather than the progress that has been made. John, the most senior member of the team, wants to change the priorities of the project and keeps saying we should skip discussions on some of the action items. Two members of the team are on mute and only answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or complaining about why the team has not met the due date. The other two members seem to default to John’s answers and are not generating solutions to problems. John repeatedly cuts you off and provides an answer without listening to your full question. You can sense a great deal of tension from all the team members.

The meeting is an hour long and after 30 mins you realize that the team has not gotten to solution planning. They are still placing blame on another department for missing a deadline, avoiding committing to timelines and telling you stories about past events.