Resumes & Networking

Gather Feedback

Time to complete:
15 mins

Get ready to supercharge your resume

Goal: This exercise will help increase the emotional intelligence aspect of your resume

Assignment: Gather feedback

Assignment: Contact 3 to 5 people who know your talents. At least one should be a person that you have worked within a professional setting. Ask them how they would describe your strengths (or skills) and an example of how they have observed your talent.


  • Attention to detail – Your contact attended the block party that you arranged for 10 houses on your street and your ability to organize the event included email reminders, timelines, and task assignments.

  • Team player – It was noticed that you have a pulse on how people are feeling and know when to support co-workers when someone has an issue outside of work that might be interfering in their ability to get a task completed. You know when to help without enabling and this helped your team reach the department’s KPI 100% of the time.

  • Command a room – You are the one who can unite a group that has varying opinions at the school parents’ group. You were able to help the parent group come to an agreement on the technology policy for the classroom with 27 families that had many concerns.