Resumes & Networking

LinkedIn Checklist

Time to complete:
15 mins

Resource for Creating your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the first places that recruiters & hiring managers go to learn more about you. Please read our recommendations, collected from several LinkedIn experts, for your LinkedIn profile below. If you already have a profile that you feel confident sharing, mark this lesson complete and move on to the Gather Feedback assignment!


  • It does not have to be a professional headshot.  You can use the time setting on your cellphone camera in front of a plain background.  Don't forget to smile!


  • Tell people what you are passionate about, what gets you excited, or your goals for the future.


  • Describe your values, skills, motivations, accomplishments and future career plans.


  • List the jobs you held in the past, including contract and part-time positions.  Add your accomplishments and quantify them as you do in your resume.  Include links to your work when possible.


  • List any community groups, clubs, or memberships.


  • List all of your educational experience including certifications that you have completed (hint - soon to be this one!)

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • List all of the roles that you feel fit volunteer work or jobs you completed when you were not paid.  This is often seen as a valuable experience.  Call out any leadership roles that you held.

Skills & Expertise

  • List at least 5 skills and then your connections can endorse you.  If you are not sure where to start, the next session will help you gain feedback and a review of your competencies.

Honors & Awards

  • List any recognition that you have earned.  Don't worry about the date on which they were granted as past recognitions in leadership or teamwork don't diminish over time, they still speak to your character.


  • List the courses that show off your skills and areas of interest.  Include courses that are different fields or subject matters to demonstrate your whole self.


  • This is a great way to showcase current skills if you have a gap in your work history. You can provide links to examples of work such as the Trello project in this course.


  • Refer to the Feedback assignment (future lessons) and ask those that you feel represent you to post them on your profile.  Also, asking for recommendations from past colleagues is the first step in networking if you have not reached out in a while.