What does "goal setting" mean at Prowess Project?

In the Goal Setting module, we are going to discuss the key factors that we believe are important to set your career goals.

Lessons in this Module:

  • Boundaries - Establishing your boundaries & knowing your values | 10 mins
  • Vulnerability - How to embrace it | 10 mins
  • Self-care - Recognizing a self-care plan (and when your energy is getting low) | 10 mins
  • Goal Setting - Defining your goals and breaking them down into the right next steps | 10 mins
  • Ideal Job Assignment | 15 mins
  • One Year from Now Assignment | 15 mins
  • Creating a Vision Board Assignment| 15 mins

In the above lessons, we will be diving deeper into the topics with videos and/or assignments.

We encourage you to take your time with each assignment.  The goal is to be intentional with answers so that a plan unfolds revealing where you want to be in your career in the short term as well as long term.  

We will get to formalizing a resume and profile in later modules but for this one, focus on a holistic plan that will help create a career plan that works for all parts of you.