Project Mangement


Time to complete:
10 mins

Create a Trello board for your Project Management plan

Choose a project that works for you.


  • If you are new to Trello and want to focus on learning the platform, pick a project that you have completed successfully in the past.
  • If you are new to Project Management, select a project that is very familiar to you such as planning an event or trip so that the needs of the project come naturally to you.
  • Connect with the Prowess Team for more help if needed.


  • Start a free account on
  • Create your first board
  • Create your 5 columns following the PMI stages
  • Set up a card for each stage of the step that your project requires
  • Remember not all stages are needed for every project
  • Ensure you have timelines set
  • Attach all relevant documents (budget, communication plans, etc)
  • Share – add