Prowess Job Pool

How do I get into the Prowess job pool?

Prowess' job pool is for those wanting flexible jobs at employers who believe in gender equality.

  • We have two paths to getting into the job pool: Build a Profile, for those who are currently working, or our Prowess Pro plan complete with our work readiness course, for those who have a career gap.
    To see which path is best for you, take our short quiz here: Prowess Project - Join us to find the next steps in your career
  • Once you complete the Profile or Course, the Prowess team will review and add you to the job pool.
  • The Prowess Project Job-Matching Algorithm™ matches you with jobs and teams based on your skillset and behavior-style compatibility. If there's a match, we send the job opportunity directly to your inbox!
Do I need to be a mom to join Prowess Project?

The Prowess mission started with a focus on caregiving women returning to work but over the last year and a half, our talent pool has expanded to women of all backgrounds looking for empowering employment with flexible schedules.  If you resonate with our vision, we welcome you.

What qualifications do I need to join the Prowess Job Pool?

Completed & approved Prowess Profile

4 year degree or higher + 5 years of professional experience
2 year degree or higher + 10 years of professional experience

Eligibility to work in the United States

What is a Prowess Profile?

The Prowess Profile is a new way to tell your career story. At Prowess Project, we feel the resume doesn't do the candidate justice. It provides zero information on what it would be like to work with you on a day-to-day basis or what type of deliverables prospective employers can expect from you.

To help you show vs tell your career story, we built the Prowess Profile that highlights your hard & soft skills, achievements, example projects, testimonials and a video showing off your personality. We're delivering on exactly what both our candidates and employers have been begging for.

What is the difference between building a Prowess Profile and the Prowess Pro Plan?

Building a Prowess Profile pulls together the essential information and assessments about your hard & soft skills needed to enter you into the Prowess Job pool. We display all of that data in an easy-to-read Profile so employers get an understanding of who you are and what it would be like to work with you on the day-to-day. Going straight to building your profile is for women who have been working in the last 6 months.

Prowess Pro plan was created for those who have been out of the workforce for over 6 months, and want to return.  We take an in-depth look at teamwork, interpersonal skills, technology, project management principles and your return-to-work plan. It includes our work readiness course, small groups sessions, plus exclusive discounts, Community channels and access to thought leaders. Once you complete the course, you will receive 1:1 career coaching and be entered into our job pool.

To put it simply - You can build a profile independently and submit it to enter our job pool or upgrade to the Prowess Pro plan to get upskilling and support.

Is there a fee to build a Prowess Profile?

No. You can build your Prowess Profile free of charge. If you need 1:1 assistance or need upskilling, you can upgrade to the Prowess Pro plan for a monthly cost of $32. That gives you access to the work readiness course plus exclusive small groups, channels, resources and discounts.

Is employment with the Prowess Job pool guaranteed?

Employment through the Prowess Job Pool is not guaranteed.  Whereas Prowess has a robust team and system to attract employers, we can't promise that the employers' needs combined with your schedule, expertise and work-style will be compatible.   That said, Prowess offers upskilling & networking opportunities well after the work readiness course concludes to further help you get employed.

Prowess Pro Plan

What is the Prowess Pro plan?

When building Prowess Project, our CEO, Ashley Connell, spoke to 100s of returners and hiring managers. The returners asked for one place to upskill in professional & tech skills, AND get a better understanding of their goals & strengths before taking their next career step.  That insight plus the request from hiring managers for a talent-vetting process and system, is why we created our Prowess Pro plan featuring our work readiness course, so that both our talent and employers can be confident in the aptitude and consistency of Prowess candidates.

How much does the Prowess Pro plan cost?

The Prowess Pro plan costs $32/mo. Why?  Because the knowledge you will gain is useful in all professional settings, regardless if you pursue your own career journey or enter the Prowess job pool.  We want to make sure that you have skin in the game and are serious about taking the next steps in your career - plus it helps us fund all the experts who will help you along the way.

Not sure you’re ready, join our free Prowess Project Community to get a taste of the content we’ll be sharing.

Can I talk to someone to see if the Prowess Pro plan is right for me?

We understand that you may want ALL the information before pulling the trigger on the Pro plan. No problem. We have a 2x monthly FREE info call. Sign up for the next one here.

Is the Pro plan upskilling self-paced?

The work readiness course in the Pro plan is a mix of on-demand courses, small group sessions and two live, mandatory cohort meetings: a Welcome Call & Wrap-up Call. Most people finish the course in four weeks or less.

What if I have another time commitment during a scheduled calls?

Attendance on the Welcome Call is required.  If you can not make this cohort Welcome Call, we will add you to list for the following cohort’s Welcome Call.

How many cohorts do you have per month?

We launch one Prowess work readiness cohort per month.  The Welcome Call, on the second Monday of each month, signals the beginning of a new cohort.  See upcoming dates here.

What if I need more coaching or help with my resume?

The Prowess team is available for 1:1 empowerment coaching or resume help. Learn more here .

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