Operations Associate

Type of role:
Operations Associate
$40 hr
100% Remote
Hours per month:
30hrs per week
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More about the company:
We are Intelle, a company that empowers women to live their fullest potential. We are transforming the corporate landscape by helping women successfully navigate their careers. We teach confidence, executive presence, communications, negotiations, etc.

Reporting to the CEO, you’ll be responsible for the day - to - day operations required to support our rapidly growing company.

Your time will be predominantly distributed across a few areas including: Social Media / Content Creation, Podcast Management, Facebook Ads, Billing & Finance reports, Client Support, CRM Management, Ads & Funnel Management & Sales support.

This role is fast-paced and requires someone who is highly comfortable with technology, thrives on the rapid nature of a hyper growth startup and is highly flexible and agile.


You will be responsible for:

Technology Owner

  • Be the single point of contact for implementing all things tech-related inside our company.
  • E.g. Creating email campaigns, automations, etc. Using systems such as Go High Level CRM, Teachable, Stripe, Google Drive, Libsyn, Zoom, Clickup, Asana, Planable, Leadpages, Facebook Ads, etc

CRM Management - Leads / Current Clients / Past Clients

  • Own and manage all lead data inside our CRM
  • Create and run reports on leads over time (growth, lead source, time to close, etc) and identify opportunities for our sales teams
  • Create reports to view client progress inside our programs
  • Manage referral process end to end - Referrer, referee, amounts, date due, etc
  • Create and deploy surveys
  • Contact past clients to generate reactivations

Social Media Engagement

  • Using Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin
  • Organically grow our following with ideal prospects
  • Respond to all incoming messages or comments on our content
  • Engage on like minded content from others
  • Initiate conversation in the DMs and invite leads to connect calls with our Sales team
  • Track all conversations in CRM and Google Sheets

Content Creation, Management & Posting

  • Create 1-2 min video snippets from our longer livestreams
  • Manage all created content in a content bank - Dropbox, Planoly, Planable, Airtable
  • Repurpose all content - example - live video to written text, audiograms clips, IG graphic, etc
  • Schedule all content out for a rolling 3 weeks
  • Post all content on platforms
  • Report on content performance every 1-4 weeks

Podcast Management

  • Manage the entire process -
  • Record, download and upload to YouTube, Leadpages & Website Blog
  • Transcribe
  • Upload to Libsyn for Apple and Spotify
  • Report on podcast performance weekly

Podcast Guest Pitching / Strategic Partnerships / Speaking events

  • Identify podcasts with similar audiences as ours
  • Pitch Stella as a guest
  • Schedule
  • Track and report
  • Identify and orchestrate other opportunities to partner with other business leaders
  • Identify and pitch speaking events


  • Confirm cash collected daily
  • Follow up calls for defaults
  • Update client payment methods as needed
  • Generate aging reports
  • Create and implement process for managing commission payouts for our Sales Team

Ads & Funnel Management

  • Create and implement Facebook Ads & Google Ads to achieve stated goals
  • Create and manage landing pages, automations, email sequences, etc
  • Implement SEO

Calendar Management

  • Manage our company calendar - events, vendor meetings / presentations, etc


  • Co-faciliate the live coaching group calls with our clients - manage question submissions, etc
  • Learn the basics of our teaching modules and serve as added coaching support for our clients

This could be you if you…

  • You truly enjoy digging into the details - whether it’s an email, a report, an ad, doesn't matter.
  • You are familiar with most of our systems - Go High Level CRM, Convertkit, Teachable, Stripe, Google Drive, Libsyn, Zoom, Clickup, Asana, Planable, Leadpages, Facebook Ads, etc
  • Vlookups, HLookups, Macros and spreadsheet management are definitely in your wheelhouse
  • Have experience in the Corporate landscape
  • Have a sponge-like ability to absorb and retain information and best practices and then apply them
  • Thrive best when there are clear metrics and expectations - especially around client enrollment and satisfaction ratings
  • Are strong at time management and know-how to hold yourself accountable
  • Are genuinely people-centered and love to connect (both via video and written communication)
  • Are proactive and hungry for growth
  • Have been described as driven and you have clear financial goals
  • Are genuinely excited about business growth and uncapped earning potential,  when you believe in the mission
  • Love feedback and see it as an invitation to grow
  • Want work-life harmony
  • Are ready and excited about co-building something awesome
  • Are not just looking for a job, you’re looking for a home - we are a small company that has a lot of potential for upward mobility and you’re looking for a company that you feel aligns with your values.

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