Project Manager

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Project Manager
$90,000 (average)
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Be the next Project Manager we place At Prowess Project, we fill some roles so quickly that they don't even make it to the job board. To ensure that your application is in the running, apply for this 'Always On' Project Manager role. From there, we'll send you job alerts for roles that you are a TOP 5 MATCH for. No wasted time, no ATS blackholes, just quality job opportunities straight to your inbox.
General Project Management responsibilities like.... - Plan and Develop the Project - Create and Lead the Team - Monitor Project Progress and Set Deadlines - Solve Issues That Arise - Manage the Money - Ensure Stakeholder Satisfaction - Evaluate Project Performance.
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Prowess Project is an integrated platform that helps (mostly) women go from "home to hired".  As an employee, we know you bring more to the table than what's listed on your resume, so we do things differently. We bubble up your professional, interpersonal, and transferable skills and highlight to employers how these fit in the roles that they are trying to fill.  We also know your time is valuable, so we only send job alerts if you're a top 5 fit for the role and team. By applying for this role, you'll be joining the Prowess Project talent pool where you'll have access to hundreds of family-friendly open jobs. Good luck on the job search, and remember, we're here to help!
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