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Project Manager

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Project Manager
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We’re the rehab for big agency life. If you love doing smart and thoughtful work, but hate the big agency bureaucracy and B.S., Idea Peddler might be the place for you. With appreciative and purpose-driven clients, a caring and transparent team culture, and true work-life balance, Idea Peddler is a place where you can thrive based on your own drive; a true meritocracy. In addition to having the chops to concept and execute campaigns flawlessly, curiosity, adventure, and a damn good attitude will carry you far here. We are a team of self-starters who hold dear our core values of adventure, discernment, motivation and no B.S. Idea Peddler, founded in 2011, is a full-service advertising agency that offers big agency expertise with boutique agency service. We create bespoke campaigns that deliver on clients’ unique goals and follow through with exceptional execution.


Create the status document, be able to speak to the status of each project by being prepared with intra-agency communication in advance of the meeting. You’ll take great notes during the meeting, provide follow-up/recap emails, and run internal client status meetings in order to get work delivered on time based on client expectations.

Creating and maintaining files of account information to facilitate communications between departments within an organization

Have clear and open feedback with the functional/departments if a work deliverable is not meeting client expectations. Be able to communicate the why and how to get it there.

Identify and elevate problems that are creating roadblocks to work getting done effectively. Raise a flag if you sense client unease, unsatisfactory results/performance, or lack of resources/know-how to get the job done.

Guide and oversee the creative and functional teams’ projects/product delivery to ensure there are no “last minute surprises” of presentation day.

Coordinate with the finance team to ensure proper monthly billing and project billing for everything from one-offs to retainers and all the sub costs in between

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