Transferable Skills Course

Making a career pivot? Learn to identify & highlight your transferable skills to make the shift.

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Erin Wike
Talent Specialist
$ 349.00 USD
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About the Course

Pivoting in your career and being told to utilize your transferable skills?  Did they leave you scratching your head and feeling stuck? 

Good news, we’re here to help. Meet Erin Wike, Career Coach & Resume Whisperer.  With 20+ years of experience helping THOUSANDS of jobseekers land their next roles, we’ve packaged Erin's insight on the best ways to update your resume to showcase your skills when making a career pivot or returning to work after a gap. 

Once completed, you’ll be job-hunt-ready with a strategy of how your transferable skills aligns with your next career opportunity and a resume to match.  

From this course, you’ll learn to: 

1. Identify your key transferable skills in work-world lingo  

2. Analyze a job posting to pull out skills & terminology to reflect on your resume

3. Create strong, impactful bullet points for your personal experiences 

4. Tell your career story so a hiring manager “gets it” and invites you for an interview

Hiring Managers and/or recruiters spend just 6-30 seconds looking at your resume. So how do you showcase the transferable achievements, experience and abilities that are relevant for their open role? We’ll help you create a story, strategy and resume that speaks the language of the hiring manager that piques their interest and offers an interview. 

Course Content

  • Career Transition Success Stories 
  • Identify your Transferable Skills
  • What are Soft Skills vs Hard (Technical) Skills
  • Analyze a Job Posting of Interest
  • Update resume to match dream job 

  • Job Search Tracker
  • Action Verb List
  • Analyze Job description worksheet
  • FAQs
  • Customized review of your complete resume to feel ready for applications


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"I reached out to Erin after several individuals in my network shared her name with me. Her friendly, warm, knowledgable approach made the process almost effortless, [plus she removed the stress from me having to write it myself]. She's terrific! I highly recommend Erin and have referred several friends to her.

Paula W.
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