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Update your resume with self-paced career coaching walking you through step-by-step

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Erin Wike
Talent Specialist
$ 249.00 USD
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About the Course

Need help building your resume? 

No problem. Meet Erin Wike, Career Coach & Resume Whisperer.  With 20+ years of experience helping THOUSANDS of jobseekers land their next roles, we’ve packaged Erin's best of the best resume-writing pointers into one easy-to-follow tool to help you TELL YOUR UNIQUE STORY. 

Once completed, you’ll be job-hunt-ready armed with a content-packed, easily digestible, beautifully formatted resume. From there, you’ll have support from Prowess Project to help you land your next opportunity!

From this course, you''ll learn to :

  • Populate our proven resume template with your career story
  • Position a career transition, pivot or gap as an advantage
  • Explain how your previous experience and skills are applicable to the job you want
  • Format professional work history, volunteer experience, skills, training and more

So how does this work? Prowess Project created a customizable resume template AND resume builder complete with videos that walk you through each section of your resume. From there, Erin points to common FAQs, best practices and examples compiled from recruiters and hiring managers.  Upon completion on the course you can submit your resume for Erin to review. She will provide a video recording of any tips specific to your resume.

We know no two people are exactly alike, so this course is meant to help you adjust your resume to your story.  This is especially important when you are making a career pivot or have a gap in work history and were told “utilize your transferable skills”.  But how do you do that? We’re here to help! 

Course Content

The course is broken down by resume section:

  • Contact information
  • Summary or Profile (Optional)
  • Professional Experience (Work) History
  • Volunteer Experiences
  • Skills and Training
  • Women returning to work
  • Computer Skills


  • Guided advice for each resume section 
  • ATS-friendly Resume Template
  • Career Search FAQs compiled by experts 
  • How-tos when telling your personal career story 
  • Strategies to connect your experience with the job you want 
  • Customized review of your complete resume to feel ready for applications


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Erin is great. With her background and experience, she is able to give extremely helpful and honest advice. I highly recommend for any job seekers.

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Her guidance in using the right words and terminology was especially helpful. Erin gave me the tools I need to edit and create the perfect resume tailored for each job I am applying for in my new industry.

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Many thanks to Erin Wike for her exceptional work on the arduous task of creating my 19-page Master CV.

Former Mayor of Manor, Texas