About Me

Leah Steinkirch has never run short of passion.  Always drawn to the study of human connection, she got her Master’s degree in Human Services in Counseling from Depaul University and has utilized this foundation in a variety of professional settings, social services, sales, and business operations.   She has been on a winding career path, ranging from non-profit to Fortune 500 companies.

After the birth of her first child, she decided to pause her professional career and focus her time and energy on being at home with her daughter, but her creative energy refused to rest.  Leah quickly found herself taking on projects to fulfill her need to stay engaged with her professional goals, including writing and illustrating a children’s book, graphic design, coding, and many Etsy side hustles.  

Fueled by both the frustration of the many barriers to re-entry into the workforce for women, as well as the lack of options that allow for motherhood as well, Leah joined Ashley Connell in building Prowess Project.  Leah now applies both her creative and professional skills along with her counseling education as the Chief Development Officer of Prowess Project leading the charge on certification and returnship training.

Outside of helping support women wanting to return to work, Leah loves to keep both her mind and body active by running, hiking or diving into a creative project with her children.  Her home is overrun with animals, art projects, yoga mats, and coffee mugs.


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