Step 5

Create your video

Time to complete:
5 mins

Record a video - These days, most hiring processes require you to record your interview responses vs. speak to someone live - especially early on. This exercise is designed to practice recording a video and learning the process of uploading it to Google Drive.  Also, it provides you an opportunity to showcase your personality, emotional intelligence, and professionalism to the Prowess team and future employers.

In your 60-second intro, summarize yourself for future employers.

Once complete, upload to Google Drive and submit below.


* Goal: Highlight your top skills, EQ strengths, fun facts, and DEFINITELY your personality.

* Keep is casual: This is all about what & how you say something, not the quality of video editing.

* You can always rerecord: In a rush, no problem. You can submit something now to finish the process & enter the job pool and then rerecord when you have more time.

* Consent: In the form below, let us know if you want this included in your Prowess Profile and/or in promos to further to Prowess mission.

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