Step 6

Add your projects

Time to complete:
10 mins

Let's showcase your skills.

A key driver in representing yourself is to show an example of work. We have utilized the STAR method (see form for reference) to help set you up for success.

To complete your profile, you need to submit a projects example that highlights a past example of work.

Examples of works:

  • Highlight a leadership position, and an example of solution you created the achieved positive results.
  • Create a mock project outline an include visuals and resources.
  • Writing samples of newsletters, blog posts or social media campaigns.
  • Event planning structure for professional or an independent project. Include a timeline, checklist and summary of results.

Don't know where to start or need help? No problem. On the left sidebar, click "Need Support?" to contact the team with a question or "Upgrade to Pro" where we will guide you through completing two professional projects for examples of work.

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